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Sales: 1-248-451-4298
SafeTraK 1++
Superior Performance
SafeTraK 1++ has consistently received high marks in a number of successful independent field trials such as those conducted by the FMCSA and NHTSA as well as numerous commercial fleets. Not only was SafeTraK well received by drivers who appreciated its flexibility, but by management who saw significant improvement in driving performance. As the only system that issues both lane drift and fatigued/distracted driver warnings, SafeTraK provides superior protection against potential accidents.

The Statistics Show
  • Single-vehicle road departures are responsible for approximately 40% of
    highway fatalities
  • LDW provides over 20% reduction in single vehicle roadway departure crashes
  • LDW provides up to a 24% reduction in rollover crashes
  • 1 million crashes are caused by driver inattention each year
  • Lane Departure Warning reduces lane excursions by 50%

LDW That You Can Count On
Alerting distracted or fatigued drivers to unintended lane changes could prevent thousands of roadway departure crashes involving large trucks each year. The Takata LDW system combines a small video camera and sophisticated machine vision software to watch the road ahead and warn drivers if they unintentionally leave their lane, or if their driving pattern becomes erratic. Takata, the world leader in safety products, provides reliable yet cost-effective LDW to achieve fleet safety and driver-training goals, while reducing the number and severity of large truck crashes and fatalities.
SafeTraK 1++
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SafeTraK 1++
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