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Site Policy

TAKATA Personal Information Protection Policy

TAKATA Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) has set the following rules to protect the personal information of our customers, therefore meeting customer expectations.

  1. All employees of the Company shall comply with laws and regulations relevant to personal information protection.

  2. The Company shall only collect and utilize the customer’s personal information within the scope of the purposes of which the Company has informed the customer, such as shipping goods to the customer.

  3. The Company shall not disclose the customer’s personal information to third parties, except to the Company and our affiliated company, Takata Service Corporation. However, the following cases are excluded:
    • When the customer has given prior consent for disclosure
    • When requested by the government, other public offices, etc. by law

  4. The Company shall ensure that the customer’s personal information is kept accurate and up to date, and shall promptly respond to requests from the customer for disclosure of such information.

  5. The Company shall maintain security of this site to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, etc. of the customer’s personal information.

  6. The Company shall continuously review and improve its handling of personal information protection, responding to changes in laws and regulations.

  • Management of gathered information
The Company shall manage personal information provided by the customer through this site in compliance with our Personal Information Protection Policy.
  • Security
The customer’s personal information, and the loss, destruction, alternation, and leakage of such information
【Main security measures】
  1. Ensuring security on the transmission channel
    Information inputted by the customer is encrypted with the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, and security on the transmission channel is ensured.

  2. Secure storage of information
    The Company takes measures, such as setting up a firewall, to ensure personal information provided by the customer is kept secure.

  3. Anti-computer virus measures
    The Company implements appropriate measures, such as ensuring the detection of computer viruses using antivirus software.
  • Use of Cookies
The Company uses cookies in some cases to ensure security and to provide appropriate information to the customer. A cookie performs the function of allowing a website to store information on a user’s browser and to retrieve that information at a later time. This function is used, for example, to provide appropriate information to those who access this site, or to prevent unauthorized access to this site, thereby ensuring security for the customer.
However, there is no need for concern, as the cookies set by this site do not contain information that may reveal the customer’s contact information.
  • Use of the Site
TAKATA Corporation manages this website http://www.takata.com (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”). Please read the following points, and use the Site only if you agree. As the terms of use of the Site are subject to change without notice, please check the current terms of use.
  • Copyright
The copyright of all the Site content (including information, trademarks, and designs) is owned by each company of the TAKATA Group, including the TAKATA Corporation. Accordingly, you may not use, reproduce, or alter either all or part of said content without permission from the Company.
  • Change of content
The Company may discontinue the Site or change the Site content without prior notice.
  • Indemnification
  1. Under no circumstances shall any company of the TAKATA GROUP, including the Company, be liable for any losses or damages caused by the utilization of the Site or of information on the Site.
  2. Under no circumstances shall any company of the TAKATA Group, including the Company, be liable for any problems, losses, or damages caused by the discontinuation or termination of the Site, or change of information.
  • Items regarding future predictions
Information on the Site may include descriptions of future predictions regarding the financial position and business performance of the TAKATA Group, including the Company. Such descriptions of future predictions contain certain risks or uncertainties, and the customer should be aware of the possibility that such predictions may differ from actual results, depending on changes in the future business environment.
  • Links
  1. Links from the Site to other sites
    Links or banners may enable you to navigate from the Site to sites other than of those of TAKATA group companies. Sites to which you navigate are not administered by group companies of TAKATA, including the TAKATA Corporation. Therefore, please note that group companies of TAKATA, including the Company, shall not be responsible for other sites’ content, etc.

  2. Links from other sites to the Site
    Please read all the points regarding linking to the Site. If the links or other related activities cause any dispute between you or your party and a third party, the group companies of TAKATA, including the Company, shall not be liable for any damages.
  1. You may not use the TAKATA Group logo, the company name logo, or the title design as a link button on a web page. Please use strings, such as “

  2. Please refrain from creating links that use the frame technique, whereby the contents of the Company web page appear as part of the web page from which it is linked, and which may cause confusion. Please ensure that links are set so that the screen jumps completely and switches to the Company web page, or a new browser window opens and the Company web page appears.

  3. The links are only to offer the facility for customers to visit the Site. It is prohibited for the concerned party to insinuate that it has a special relationship with the Company, or to make the link to the Company website a sales point for profit.

  4. It is prohibited to link to the Company website if the said link may cause damage to the company’s reputation or result in economic loss to the Company. It is also prohibited to provide a link from a web page that may be illegal or offend public order or morals.
  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction
Use of the Site and the interpretation and application of the terms of use shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Japan, except as may otherwise be provided. The Tokyo District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction of the first trial for all disputes in connection with use of the Site, except as may otherwise be provided.
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